Cathy Jane Norred Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation for JLSkinnell Editing & Proofing

Jennifer Skinnell is an excellent editor/ proofreader.  I started out publishing myself. I did ok but didn’t have the experience that Jennifer has to get my product on Amazon.  With her helping me along the way, she helped revise some things in my books and added content in the first pages of my books.  Such as, copyright notices, correct usage of page setup and helped make my covers better than when I started.    

Jennifer is a professional, making suggestions but does not force you to feel like you have to change.  I found her helpful and encouraging during the entire process. I came away with more writing skills because of her suggestions.

She is friendly and approachable making working with her easy for a beginner writer.

If you are a novice writer or even a professional writer, you will appreciate the efficient ways Jennifer handles her clients.  You will benefit from her expertise and won’t go wrong using her for editorial advise.   I highly recommend Jennifer Skinnell for your writing projects.


Cathy Jane Norred

Author of Red Hawk Landing and Frozen Spring