Why I began this business

I began JLSkinnell Editing & Proofing several years ago when a friend asked me to help her self-publish her second book of devotions. She had gone with a traditional publisher the first time, and she wanted to try the self-publishing route for her next book.

My Philosophy

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein.

This is how I feel about my business. I want to help up-and-coming authors fulfill their dream of publishing their “baby”, and any success I have from this experience is minimal compared to the value I add to the author’s work.

My Journey

Jennifer Taylor asked me to help her get Daily Devotions with Jen: Faith, Truth, Reflection published on Amazon. I had already published two of my own novels with Amazon KDP, and I was getting more comfortable with the process. See Letter of Recommendation here

Since then, we have worked to publish her next book, Daily Devotions with Jen: God Loves you . . . Turning to Jesus.

Jennifer liked my work and referred me to Teresa Jackson to help her get her memoir Thriving With Parkinson’s: Finding Joy After the Diagnosis published on Amazon as well. See Letter of Recommendation here

I truly enjoy hearing the joy in the voice of my client when they see their work published.

My Services

At JLSkinnell Editing & Proofing, I provide light editing services, as well as final proofreading of your manuscript using track changes in Word. If you wish, I will also format your Word document in eBook and paperback form for self-publishing on Amazon. For an additional fee, I will even upload your manuscript for you.

For information about my services and fees, see the sample contract here

I hope you’ll consider me when you’re looking to publish your manuscript.

Jennifer Skinnell