Teresa Jackson – Letter of Recommendation

A Letter of Recommendation

for Jennifer Skinnell as my personal Editor/Proofreader.

Jennifer Skinnell is described as an author, travel blogger and self-described quilter.  But my favorite description is editor. 

After being diagnosed with a neurological disorder without a cure in Feb. 2019, I made the decision to share my journey by writing a memoir.  As it turns out, writing Thriving With Parkinson’s: Finding Joy After the Diagnosis was the easy part. 

After completing my manuscript, I quickly became overwhelmed at the options of self-publishing.  Deciding on how to publish the book was much like building a new house.  There were so many decisions to make and each decision created an outcome.  Should I choose paperback, hardback, eBook?  What about black and white pages, color, add photos, no photos, and pricing, not to mention formatting.

Jennifer provided clear instruction throughout the process and once we worked collectively on getting the book to look like I wanted, she did the heavy lifting of getting it to print.  And, any task that was required of me, she held my hand when overwhelm would settle in.

I highly recommend Jennifer Skinnell.  I’ve already started the thought map for a new book and while I only have a title, the one thing I know for sure is that Jennifer will be on my team as I bring a new book to life.

Teresa Jackson

Author Thriving With Parkinson’s: Finding Joy After the Diagnosis