Living The Author Dream – My Hope Springs Romance Series

My lifelong dream was always to become an author, and in the spring of 2016, I jumped off the proverbial cliff and began writing One Sweet Development. When I self-published it on Amazon in May 2017, I knew my dream had been realized. However, I still had a lot of characters and ideas floating in my head, so one novel ended up becoming my Hope Springs Romance Series.

Patience for Love followed in September 2017, the second installment of my 5-part series.

It’s Time to Love Again and The Inn at Hope Springs followed in the fall of 2018 and 2019, respectively. I completed my time in the small town of Hope Springs, Virginia, in December 2020, with A Grandmother’s Wish.

I truly enjoyed creating the lively cast of characters who live in Hope Springs. The ladies of the Advice Quilting Bee convene every Thursday evening at Rosie’s Quilting Emporium to hand-quilt a quilt for charity, all while the older ladies in the group dispense life and relationship advice to the younger women attending the bee.

An offshoot of the group is the Little Old Lady Network, headed up by Myrtle Freeman. She and her network of spies throughout the town feel it is their duty to help the younger generation find love and happiness in Hope Springs.

The ladies of Hope Springs are entrepreneurs, small business owners, and strong and independent women. The men who come to this small town embrace this life and champion the causes the ladies support.

While each couple has their struggles and issues along the way to the altar, the ladies of the Advice Quilting Bee, the Little Old Lady Network, and a few “spirits” who have lingered in the town all make sure there is a positive outcome.

My novels may not be steamy, but my hope is that they make you laugh and fall in love with the residents of the small town of Hope Springs.

What Readers are Saying About

Hope Springs Romance Series

One Sweet Development

“What a wonderful really was sweet. How nice to read about a small town where characters of varying ages interacted with each other. I am not a quilter but learned a few hints about this fascinating craft. Great read by a first-time author. I have a feeling more adventures await in Hope Springs.”

Alice C.

Patience For Love

“Love this book as well as the first one in the series. I am trying to guess the book three love connection. Can’t wait for publication. Healthy and loving stories. Also enjoy the quilting moments. Reminds me of my quilter mom and her friends.”

Robert C.

It’s Time to Love Again

“Such a nice story. A real feel good read. While reading its nice to be swept away from this harsh world into the nice, simple, living of Hope Springs. It’s like a good hallmark movie meets Gilmore Girls. Looking forward to the 4th book.”