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2018-09-22 12.08.19

I made this quilt for the Virginia Quilt Museum fall 2018 exhibit. It is a replica of the Sunbeam Stained Glass Window hanging in Fredericksburg Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Definitely one I am very proud of.

One of my greatest joys of being a grandmother is creating quilts for my grandson. I made this jungle quilt for him for his baptism. I loved creating the pantograph I used to do the edge-to-edge quilting.

img_1018This client had a big box of t-shirts from her 15 years of volunteering for our local relay for life team.

img_0289My client brought me a bag of items she had collected from her late father, including two t-shirts, one sweatshirt, two hats, one tie, and three other shirts she’d remembered her father wearing. We put them together into a wonderful memorial quilt for her mother for Mother’s Day. What a great family heirloom!

I made this for my son-in-law to memorialize his many years in scouts. I loved recreating the Scout emblem in the border.



This was my labor of love for my church. I recreated one of the stain glass windows.

grandpa-quiltThis client brought me her late father’s shirts to make a special quilt for his granddaughter for Christmas. We put a memory block in the center.

dance-quiltMy client had kept many of her daughter’s gymnastics leotards, so we put them in a quilt!bike-quiltMy husband is an avid cyclist, so I created this for him with his t-shirts.

img_0134This quilt was for a relay for life team for a special little girl who lost her battle with cancer at the age of 4. She loved dinosaurs.

brians-preschool-quiltI had made this for my son with some of his special shirts.

kathy-quilt-2This special quilt was made for a client who’s grandmother had made these stars 80 years earlier. What a special heirloom!

img_0023My client had saved all his memorabilia from when he was in scouts. He had reached the rank of Eagle 50 years earlier!


img_0003This quilt was for my son when he reached the rank of Eagle. Love being able to display all his memorabilia instead of in staying in a box!


I made ths for a client who had saved all her son’s shirts from his many years playing baseball.